The Abbey Museum Trip

Whilst the numbers were down for this trip, those that went had a very nice day. We headed off at our usual time with pickup at Deception Bay for our trip to the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology on the Caboolture-Bribie Road. We arrived around 9:15 and the ladies served us a lovely morning tea in the food hall.

Ladies serving us morning tea in the food hall

We then headed over for a guided tour of the beautiful medieval stained glass church. Here we heard about how the collection started and some history around the stained glass, some dating back to the 15 hundreds.

After a very informative talk we headed to the Abbey museum archaeological gallery – a journey through the history of humankind. We then enjoyed a very nice 2 course lunch. Following lunch we had a talk from one of their archaeologist about life in the Middle Ages. How they made and wore the metal armour and the hygiene and beauty tips from 600 years ago. We also learnt that everything we saw on TV and in the movies about the knights, their armour and how they lived are not necessarily true, it’s been distorted such as the suits only weigh about 22 kg which is about half the weight a modern day soldier carries and most of their swords were less than a kilo in weight.

We had Peter (Bus Manager) from Redcliffe Community Bus as our driver who we have had several times in the past and is a very good and friendly driver, thanks Peter. This will be our last trip with the Redcliffe Community Bus as they have indicated that we will not be able to charter their bus in 2018 due to some changes in the organisation and shortage of drivers.

Look forward to some great trips in 2018. Our first trip in 2018 will be Friday 16 February, details to come.

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