Tour of the Port of Brisbane

StartFragmentWhat an extremely interesting and informative trip we had last Friday. As four people had to drop out because of sickness, there were only 22 members who went on The Port of Brisbane tour. For those members who didn't attend, bad luck. We had a peaceful drive there, where we enjoyed morning tea. We then were entertained by Peter, whose knowledge of the port was, and is incredible. He was more than willing to share his knowledge as we drove around the port looking at all the different areas. We then went to Wynnum RSL for lunch. Even the drive back was reasonable!!

Veiw from 7 Floor

Had morning tea on the 7 floor of the port Administration building with a view all around the port, see photo above. Photo below shows new cars ready to be sent all around QLD and northern NSW. On our tour we saw up close them driving the cars off the blue ship in background.

After the tour we enjoyed lunch at the Wynnum RSL.


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